I have always worked out a lot…

fully aware of the benefits of cross training and also that my actual weight can ultimately only be controlled by nutrition. When I decided to enter a strength competition I needed to change to specificity training. And I needed to turn into practice my knowledge of nutrition.

I chose Michal to get me into the shape for the competition. He was absolutely on the ball for the whole year. He trained me for the individual events of the competition with varied and progressively intensifying workouts while he was given me great encouragement on an ongoing basis to the progress I made in weight loss.

Throughout the year I had various health issues to deal with and instead of taking it easy, or even taking a break, Michal adjusted the workouts, staying at the same intensity as when I was not injured. I was absolutely impressed how he was able to roll with anything and on the spot.

He is also insisting on making exercise recovery an integral part of any workout routine. I had never stretched much before but now Michal has shown me not only the benefits for recovery but I am also able to generate more strength because my muscles can access a much bigger range of motion. Michal rocks!