Personal Training

Why Senkyrfit?

Because you will get a guaranteed unique experience that includes:

  • Quality training
  • Many years of experience
  • A totally authentic approach

All of it fully insured, I offer:

Once you decide to sign up with me (I am based in North West London and work mainly around the St.John’s Wood area), you will not only need to work hard. I promise you: you will want to work hard.

I myself absolutely enjoy working out. Believe me: that makes all the difference in a working with a personal trainer.


Building muscle, losing weight, improved flexibility, better endurance… you can expect all of these and more with me as your personal trainer. And, my workout programs always help with the most important goal of all: an overall improvement to your health!

One-on-one training

I want you to feel and understand your whole body. Everybody walks a different path to reach that goal. I consider it an integral part of my job to not only help you find your way but also to design a 100% personalized training plan, with appropriate and meaningful sign posts at each step of the journey. We will do this  together.

Expect Kettlebell training, boxing, kickboxing, genuine bootcamp activities, and suspension-based work, all of it interwoven with Pilates and yoga-based strength and flexibility exercises .

Don’t expect long, mind numbing and ultimately ineffective cardio exercises. Why do the same old stuff you see other people do all the time at the gym? With me as your personal trainer, you will never get bored because I incorporate a whole range of specialty activities put together especially for you. We can do any of this outdoors or at your own home.

I continue to take and teach varied master training courses. This keeps your personal training sessions exciting,innovative, and never repetitive.

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Small group training

What’s better than small group training? Working with up to 3 people creates a different dynamic than working one-on-one or in a large exercise group. It’s small enough so I can spend a good deal of time on individual needs and capacities. It also lets you benefit from being part of a supportive group dynamic combined with a bit of friendly competition. This can help you carry over the finish line when you are running out of steam.

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Child fitness

There is a lot of talk about children not being active enough and not eating well enough.

I do not believe in a blame and shame approach: when I decided to get certified as a child fitness trainer I decided immediately that fun was the operative word which would win the game. I don’t try to replace activities children like. Instead, I believe in adding new interests to existing ones.

Child fitness is not just between concerned parent and trainer. Children also need to be part of the initial pre-signup discussion. We need to see if there is a synergy that will enable us to create a fun environment in which children themselves are active players.  That makes all the difference!

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Pre and post-natal training

Nobody works as hard as women who are about to give birth, carrying around all that increasing weight. Well, possibly women who have just given birth and are eager to gain back their body and fitness levels from before they became pregnant. The best thing about pre and post-natal training is that I never have to worry about working through motivation issues. That makes it a lot of fun. Not just for the women but the trainer as well.

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Shall we begin?

My rates are highly competitive and tailored to an individual’s needs. Get in touch to find out more

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