I will be honest with you: there are hardly any clients who come to me who do not mention “weight loss” as one of their motivations for hiring a personal trainer. And I always say: you can train as hard as possible, but without adjusting your nutritional regime, weight loss will be elusive. That’s a fact. I won’t lie to you about it.

Notice I talk about a nutritional regime not a diet. Because dieting, or restricting your regular food intake for a finite amount of time, is neither a holistic approach nor fair to your body. So when you come to me to lose weight, I will help you make long term adjustments and permanent change.

I can’t promise you anything more than what you are willing to do, but:

  • I will talk to you about realistic expectations. There is no miracle workout in the world that can make you shed pounds if you exceed the daily caloric intake your body can process without storing it as fat. There are some good and easy to stay on track: I will tell you about these during our initial consultation.
  • I can talk to you about how food doesn’t have to be restrictive, unfulfilling and boring to be good for you.
  • When I come across a meal that is awesome and wholesome I’ll post it for you as well on my site!

Shall we talk?

My rates are highly competitive and tailored to an individual’s needs. Get in touch to find out more.


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