Working out doesn’t end once I have stopped chasing you through exercises that will make you hurt, sweat and exclaim loudly. Working out includes exercise recovery: stretching and massage.

I make sure that stretching is always an integral component of each workout cycle, incorporating Pilates and yoga throughout any workout we do. The benefits you can reap are vast. Injury prevention, fuller range of motion, deeper breathing, and an overall increase of flexibility. The list goes on and on.

But sooner or later an injury can happen: a pulled muscle might occur because attention wavered for just a moment. And of course, don’t forget the baggage of the rest of the world that you probably carry on shoulders.

I decided early in my career to study massage so that I can offer a holistic service to my clients. Fully insured with a VTCT Level 3 qualification in Swedish massage and Level 2 qualification in Indian head massage, I am able to go the extra step. Let me help you release the strain and stress that comes from life and hard workout. All this can be done either at a luxury spa situated close to Abbey Road or in the comfort of your home.

My rates are highly competitive and tailored to an individual’s needs. Get in touch to find out more.

Let’s start working together!

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