Your Trainer

Welcome folks!

I won’t keep you with long speeches. Just a few words here, so you know the trainer who will cause you pain!

I was born in the Czech Republic and spent a lot of time outdoors. This is probably the reason I prefer training people outside, as opposed to inside the confines of a gym. Yes! Given the choice, I will get you into the park and you will never see the inside of a stuffy or over-climatized gym!

Exercising is a holistic thing, and I can’t find anything holistic in recycled air.

Don’t get me wrong! I spend a lot of time inside gyms. For over 6 years, I have been teaching a wide variety of exercise classes at various locations: the London GLL Better Gyms, Gymbox and Virgin Active.

But, for the folks who decide to hire me to build a stronger body from the bottom up and who commit to making changes to their health to ensure a wholesome future, I am asking you to step outside! Believe me: there is hardly a day in a typical London year where, with proper clothing, we cannot enjoy the great outdoors!

Everybody can start changing their body and mind not tomorrow but today! I am here to help you make this a reality: with a lot of hard work, but also appropriate recovery, and new directions for your nutritional regime.

We’ll cry as much as we laugh. Promise!

In sweat,

Michal Senkyr